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Foot and ankle

Frequently reported symtoms in foot and ankle impairment

Do you have an ankle instability, do you feel insecure when walking?
Are you limited when walking or running due to pain?

Therapy options

  • interpretation of running analysis
  • insoles for children and adults
  • special insoles for running, cycling and skiing boots,...¬†
  • high end foot and ankle surgery¬†

Arthroscopic anle operations

  • removal of loose bodies
  • debridement and synovectomy
  • treatment of osteochondral lesions
  • collateral ligament reconstruction
  • removal of osteophytes and ossifications
  • treatment of persisting bone marrow edema
  • syndesmosis stabilisation

Other foot and ankle operations

  • hallux valugs correction
  • hammertoe and clawtoe correction
  • achillestendon reconstruction
  • morton neuralgia
  • inections, free bodies, skin alterations
  • tendonreconstruction
  • ganglion, exostosis- resection
  • high calcaneus und dorsal heel spur