Knieprobleme, Knieschmerzen


Frequently reported symptoms in knee impairment

Do you have limited range of motion?

Do you feel a clicking, blocking or popping in your knee?

Do you have knee pain?

Therapy options

State of the art diagnosis and treatment according to international top standards.
Individually adapted treatment of diseases and injuries of all kind of the knee ranging from
conservative to surgical options (minimal invasiv surgery, arthroscopy).

Injuries due to trauma and sports

  • meniscus, cruciate and collateral ligament injuries and ruptures
  • cartilage injuries
  • severs comined knee injuries of ligaments, cartilage and menisci
  • knee instability
  • treatment of plica syndromes

Acute and chronic diseases

  • osteoarthritis due to trauma, theumatoid arthritis or idiopathic
  • limb axis deviation and deformity