Schulterschmerzen, Schulterprobleme


Frequently reported symtoms in knee impairment

Is your sleep interrupted by shoulder pain?
Do you have pain lifting up your arm?

Therapy options

State of the art diagnosis and treatment according to international top standards.
Individually adapted treatment of diseases and injuries of all kind of the shoulder ranging from
conservative to surgical options (minimal invasiv surgery, arthroscopy, anatomical or inverse shoulder replacement).


  • tendon reconstruction
  • stabilizing operations after shoulder dislocation
  • impingement syndrome
  • injury of the long biceps tendon and it´s anchor (SLAP lesion)
  • rotatorcuff rupture
  • osteoarthritis of the shoulder and the AC joint
  • restricted range of motion and pain at the shoulder
  • AC joint dislocation
  • calcifying tendinitis
  • chronic shoulder pain
  • chronic brusitis
  • labrum injuries
  • shoulder stiffness